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Where to buy Modafinil in the USA ?


There are a lot of good online vendors from where you can buy Modafinil online in the USA. It’s quite easy to order it from the genuine site. If you want to save your prescription cost. Before you are ready to purchase it from the USA online, here are the few things you need to know. This helps you to answer your questions like where can I buy Modafinil in the USA in 2019 or the best place to buy Modafinil online in the united state.

The laws involved in buying this drug can vary from place to place and country to country. Over here we are going to look at the laws that comply with the USA.

Note: This guide on buying Modafinil from the USA is purely for information purpose only. I am not a lawyer or trained health care professional and this is not medical advice nor legal advice. Always consult your doctor before taking any nootropics like Modafinil or Provigil. Read more about our disclaimer.

Buying the best Modafinil in the USA guide 2019

Most commonly this can be found in most of the pharmacies of the USA and can be bought very easily. There are various other brands which are available in the market and they will charge you an arm for this drug. Sometimes, it can also go as high as 65$.

Online purchase is the most commonly preferred option when it comes to the purchase of modafinil. The main reason for saying that the online option is better because it is very much cheaper and also very much accessible to buy this drug without sacrificing the quality of the drug. You can also apply various online coupons when buying the drug online.

After doing a lot of research on where to find the best Modafinil, I have ended up digging so much on the internet and tested them personally to find the most effective one. As a conclusion, ended up finding so many best vendors on the internet and I am going to give the best three among them to make it easy and simpler for you.

If I am suggesting my friends to buy modafinil, I would personally go with these vendors with both eyes closed. That is the trust that has been developed by these online brands to benefit the users.

When talking about the trust, I mainly focus on the guaranteed for delivery, shipping process, discreet packaging, and genuineness of the drug.

Where To Buy Modafinil in the USA?

Find the below vendors for trusted online services to buy modafinil online in the USA


They are one of the most trusted online vendors when it comes to the delivery of the product on time. When it comes to the genuineness of the drug, they stand apart from other sellers and they never fail to disappoint us.

They provide huge discounts on the drugs which we purchase and they offer many new coupons to save our money. Even sometimes, complementary pills are also provided as a symbol of gratitude, since this is a US based company, they provide support entirely throughout the US. They cover the entire US with ease and they also provide free shipping on most of their products.

Details of the product

Provigil( Modafinil)

Main features

  • Their website flow is very easy and one can place an order very easily which makes the buying experience very smooth.
  • They offer live chat support which can help you out if you have any queries during the purchase.
  • Shipping and delivery is very fast and they offer a next day delivery which is one of the most needed features
  • Sometimes, complementary pills are given as a gratitude towards the customers.
  • They have almost all famous payment options and they also accept e-check.

This is the next most preferred shop when it comes to buying modafinil online in the USA. They provide large variations of modafinil drug and they can make your user experience in making the purchase very smoother. They also have certifications of the FDA and they abide by all laws of the government to ensure that you should have a good experience.

Main features

  • They have a wide range of payment methods which makes sure that buyers will face no issues when making any transactions.
  • They offer around the clock customer service and also they offer bonus pills for you.
  • Delivery is guaranteed delivery the very next day which does not make you wait.
  • They have only branded medications and so that you do not have to worry about the quality.


This is a website where you can find some quality modafinil which will never make you feel about the experience. They even sell many other products along with this so that this ensures that you have a wide range of products to choose from their website. I have myself gone with the purchase and made a purchase from their website and felt that they are the best on providing discounts to the customers. Their customer support excels in every department and they ever fail to meet your expectations. This is the main reason why this website is listed over here as one of the best one.

Main features

  • The cost comes as one of the main features of their purchase and they have never failed to meet the expected price.
  • Their customer service is ready to help you regarding their product anytime anywhere.
  • Quality of their product is quite high and they are one of the genuine sellers which is available online.
  • They accept almost all the payment options which include, master card, E-Check payment.
  • They cover the entire US in their shipping range which is one of the blessings for the customers.

Consider these things before you buy Modafinil in the USA

The brand name of modafinil in the USA?

Most of the developed countries in this world will ask for a valid prescription to buy Modafinil. You won’t be able to directly walk into a store and you cannot come out with this drug.

It is very difficult to obtain the doctor’s prescription and after that, you will be checked and based on the test results the prescriptions will be provided.

  • Provigil
  • Nuvigil

These two are the most popular types of drug that is named or the drug named modafinil. Due to the high cost of this drug, the prescription is very difficult to obtain.

The above-mentioned products will satisfy the need of the customers in every way. The generic form of the modafinil will benefit every user and it is very safe to consume.

When comes to the budget-friendly option, Modalert stands apart from these drugs and this will actually serve the purpose. Just in case you need to start with an example, just begin it with a sample pack.

What is the primary use of Modafinil?

Modafinil is only a prescription level of drug in the USA and it is used for curing many disorders. Most commonly these drugs are used for the purpose to cure a disease named ADHD, where the person fells asleep when during the random time of the day.

1) Modafinil used for ADHD


Due to low dopamine levels in the body, the ADHD issue happens in the body. The neurotransmitter is the main reason behind the function of our brain. Whenever the brain releases the oxytocin as a result of some work, this can occur in the body. For people who are affected by ADHD, dopamine secretion is very less. This eventually results in the poor performance of the brain and also lets you down.

2) Modafinil used for Narcolepsy

This is a sleeping disorder where if a person is suffering from this, he or she can drop into a deep sleep within some seconds. This affects the day to day activities of the person very badly. Modafinil simulates the brains over in the system and makes the central nervous system of the brain to be alert. If such kind of a person is consuming modafinil, it can help them overcome these issues.

3) Modafinil – Off label uses

Outside all these above-mentioned things, modafinil is used by the Americans for the purpose of increasing the overall productivity from the work and also in the universities. When you are new to a language or when trying to learn a new language, this can certainly help the person in a very good way. In the recent past, this drug has become one of the quite common things which are consumed by a famous business person and CEO.

people in college who consume this has been seen outperforming all the other members of that place. Outside of all these things, there are several other benefits for this drug and one can use the drug in a very useful manner and many of the Americans are waiting to use this after seeing the magic it does after the consumption.

How To get a valid prescription for Modafinil in the USA?


You have to visit a doctor and the doctor should identify you with one of the following

  • Sleep apnoea (confirmed by a sleep test
  • Night shift workers (confirmed by a reference from employer)
  • Narcolepsy (confirmed by a sleep test)
  • ADD/ADHD (confirmed by psychological evaluations)

If you have any of the above-mentioned issues and if proved by the doctor, you are eligible to get a valid prescription for the drug.

What is the average cost of Modafinil?

By providing a valid prescription one can get the drug from any local pharmacies and if you prefer to buy it from the website, you should submit or upload a valid prescription for confirmation of the order.

On average, a CAD of this drug costs anywhere between 1 to 5 dollars. There are so many generic medicines which are available at a very low cost and it can also be found very easily. Some of the common generic versions that are sold by the manufacturers like Sun pharmaceuticals and HAB pharmaceuticals.

Is Modafinil considered legal in the USA?



It is very much legal to buy this drug to buy this with the help of a doctors prescription. If you are reaching an online vendor to buy this drug this is very much not legal. There are so many grey areas for this drug where so many generic variants of this drug are sold very illegal.

Always ensure that you get the consultation of a doctor to proceed with the purchase of this drug. If the seller is ready to sell the drug without a valid prescription, try to avoid that seller and if possible report the seller to the concerned authorities. Also, ensure that the seller that you make a purchase is an authenticated and genuine one.

FDA should approve the medication for use only then patients can purchase it for their condition. This Federal department review the product and give license to the drug

The drug then gets reviewed by regulatory associates from NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy), who decides whether the drug needs to be given only with prescription or not.

Short summary on buying Modafinil in the USA

I am happy with the above said three vendors and I can say they are the best vendors to buy Modafinil online in the USA. If I am not a US residence, I can pick as they are the best in delivering it to worldwide.

Being US-based also, is the only vendor I first turn to buy modafinil online. This is because they offer the best product with great service. In addition to that, they offer 5% discount pills for Echeck payments particularly when stacked on top of their very low prices.

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