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What is Liam Kay “BBC Raw Youtube channel researcher’s” research about Modafinil?

As known widely about Liam Kay and his researchers here is one such presented about the smart drug Modafinil. His experience and survey about this medication left me stunned and get a clear idea of Modafinil.

Many have come across the Modafinil and the pill was most familiar and used by college students. Everyone who searched for this medication will end up with enormous results. The medication will improve and enhance your brain activity and hence help you focus and concentrate better. Also, this will get you information related to students of many reputed universities. Thus study by him says that the 1 in four students from Oxford University is taking Modafinil to enhance their brain’s activity. If you think this single medication will make you a genius in a single day then there is no such medication is discovered. But there are many mental supplements which help you get back to your active brain and can help you stimulate creativity.

Survey on Modafinil

Say Liam kay that many of the articles, blogs, news from Google are revealing that Modafinil is a magic medication and has changed many peoples lives by getting them improved percentage and ranking. Also, the confidence level of the people has grown tremendously to explore better. However, he is not ready to accept and believe all that his eyes and ears have come across. Thus he decided to try and experience the effectiveness of this medication by himself. This drives him to order the Modafinil pills from India.

In the meanwhile, he started taking the survey by collecting the experience from many college students. One such survey starts at Manchester University from where he came across a lot of students with their experience with the smart drugs such as Modafinil. But the effort of his survey was not as expected. Many students weren’t ready to share their thoughts with him. They behave more concerned about talking in open mind about the cognitive enhancer. However with his few responses gathered from few students concludes a conflicting result that this was good drug getting the better result that benefits one with A grade result, while other dumped as it leads to Anxiety.

Liam Kay experience on Modafinil

When the survey was going on, his medication package of Modafinil has arrived. He tested the pill for himself. The result shows that this gets him the wired feel of staying active in not more than 2 hours. This gains him to concentrate more and have a more clear perspective view on things. This makes him works better than before and he endures actively in making a video and began to edit quickly. It has been about 3 hours and still, he could feel himself actively editing the video. With a lot of focus on his work, he continues to do without a bit distracting.

But he then adds little contradiction to his view that it is not completely true to concentrate deeper while he also engages in the text, font, graphics and related stuff while on the work of editing. Now all this will be good enough if you are doing work for your own stuff and that too without any deadline with all the time in the world to continue the remaining stuff.

This surprising statement from him was due to the fact that this medication will get your work done in a perfect way but not in a quick time or in the same quantity as that you can make before. Liam Kay diagnosed that the total amount of work completed by him was just the half portion of work what he could do without the aid of this medication but the quality of the work was most impressive as that it is so perfect with higher perception.

Hence he suggests that this will lead to trouble as you will be given deadlines and timetable to take exams. On continuing his day with modafinil for longer times eh felt the feel of a headache but he also continues to stick to his editing work. And he continues to work till night later he was off to bed which really needs a massive sleep in his usual sleep with this outcome from him. But he has reported that he stayed awake without getting proper sleep and finally he managed to get a broken sleep of three hours. And when waken up in the morning he felt much hard as he was hit by a truck.

Hence he ends his survey by leaving the choice of taking smart drugs like Modafinil to the user, suggesting that this will not make them genius but will help them focus for long hours with the possibilities of side effects like anxiety and insomnia.

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