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Why is Modafinil called as real-time NZT – 48 from the movie Limitless?

Modafinil - Real time NZT 48Every one is fond of the movie and wondered to get the same medication as NZT – 48 and to do magical stuff in a minute. All this will be in our world of fantasy as practically it is not possible to become famous in a while. After the movie we all have come across several journals, studies and talks about the Nootropics named Modafinil. This made the drug Modafinil as an world news and the popularity of the medication grows then. But Modafinil is not exactly as the NZT – 48 as in limitless. When compared to our real-time scenario this medication has replaced partly the work function of the drug.

NZT -48 and Modafinil

Limitless showcases the effect of NZT-48 to increase the fantasy of the movie and the story moved in a funny way after the influence of the drug. The changes in the writer as portrayed due to the ability of the writer Morra to recollect his old memories and also to predict the future conversation. This adds fun to the story by the director with the move of the hero. All the incidents happen next to next in a fantastic flow. As the writer able to make a profit of million dollars in record time on taking NZT-48. The seed to this medication NZT -48 was from the author of “The Dark Fields” which then transformed as a movie.

All the above-mentioned story stuff are possible if a smart medication is smart enough to use 100% of your brain’s ability. And you will be shocked that this nootropic works in the effective way of utilizing the brain function. But not to the range of cent percent. Modafinil improves your brain function than usual and helps you enhance your thoughts and think better and act in a smart way. Thus this Modafinil is named as a smart drug.

However, this medication works partly in the same manner as NZT – 48. Hence this Modafinil is named as the real-time NZT-48 as in limitless.

Modafinil – the real-time NZT-48

The nootropics also named as memory enhancers, neuro enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers by the researchers. From these names, you can judge the function of Modafinil. Below are some properties of this drug which will show you why this medication accounts for the properties of NZT -48 medication.

Modafinil is memory improving stimulant

Modafinil acts on the CNS stimulating the neuron transmitters and enhancing the brain function. In simple words, this can be described as a doping agent enhancing your inner willpower to perform things in a better way. Every time with the aid of the pill one could increase the intensity of focus. By focusing on the piece of work your diversion to other related or unrelated things will be decreased hence your brain can stick onto a particular activity for more seconds and minutes than before. Also, your involvement in doing works done with higher concentration and focus will enhance your memory of the incidence. Thus your memory power will be enhanced by retaining the incident for a longer duration.

Modafinil as a mood-brightening psychostimulant

As this is an important feature of staying active and doing keen attention seeking things. This mood enhancing a property of the Modafinil improves the attention gathering capacity and keeps you stay awake and alert.

Studies have proven that depression in the mood of the person has a great and direct influence on their work is done. With the consideration, this super smart medication is often prescribed to get people rid of depression, anxiety, and jitteriness. Hence the mood of the person is elevated and enjoys doing things done effectively.

Hence by this properties, the Modafinil is prescribed and used by many professionals like artists in improving their creative thinking. Similarly by writers, poetics, and also by students and scholars in improving their grades with higher focus and concentration. Here is a list of 7 famous people who used Modafinil:

When compared to other psychostimulant and nootropic medication this Modafinil is strong enough to be named as real-time NTZ-48 but not exactly NZT-48. As this Modafinil can get you remember your present things better by concentrating better but you cannot predict your future with the help of this drug.

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