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1. Website’s Information is not a Medical Advice

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If you found yourself in need of any medical emergency, then you should have to seek the doctor’s visit or call 911 immediately. Buymodafinildrugs.com does not endorse or recommend any products, tests, specifications, procedures, opinions or any other information that might have been mentioned on our website. Relying on any information or details that have been provided by the Buymodafinildrugs.com or any employees of Buymodafinildrugs.com, people visiting our sites on the invitation of Buymodafinildrugs.com would solely be at your own risk.

2. Warranty Limitations

The information that has been given on this website will not provide any warranties or representations to the information contained in it, either express or implied. Buymodafinildrugs.com and its other representatives will not provide any kind of warranties or representations to the information about the product or pharmacies given on the website.

For the affirmation of the no, warrant produce on Buymodafinildrugs.com,

  • The information given on the website will be available constantly, or
  • The information on the website is complete, true, accurate, or up-to-date.

3. Doctor’s Assistance

We request the users that not to rely on the information that has been provided on the website. It is definitely not a medical advice or any consultation for your health conditions. If you have any queries regarding the medical conditions, then you should have to consult with the certified doctor or any other professional healthcare provider. If you think that you are suffering from any kind of health condition, then you should seek the immediate medical attention.

4. Legal Responsibility

Nothing in this medical disclaimer which has been provided on the website will limit any of our liabilities and thus it is not permitted under any applicable law or in excluding to any of our liabilities under applicable law.

5. Exceptions

No content or information which are consisted on this website disclaimer will exclude or limit any warranty of Buymodafinildrugs.com, implied by the law that might be unlawful to exclude or, limit them. Thus would be liable in respect to;

  • Death or personal injury caused com negligence;
  • Controversial or fraudulent misrepresentation ion the side of com; or
  • Unlawful or illegal display of content or product source from the part of com to exclude or limit its liability.

6. Limitations of Liability

Buymodafinildrugs.com and its representatives, owners, and any associates will not be liable to you in terms of the contents or information usage or in connection to this website;

  • The information provided on the website is for free of cost, for any direct losses;
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  • Loss in any business format or revenue loss, income, or any savings, business partnership or contracts loss, or corruption of information or data.

The limitations of liability would also be applied to Buymodafinildrugs.com even in a case of potential loss.

7. Acception

By using this website, you will automatically be agreeing to the exclusions and the limitations of liability which has been provided on this website disclaimer or reasonable.

8. Other Parties Access

You do accept that the entity of limited liability of Buymodafinildrugs.com has the interests in limiting the personal liability of any of its officers or employees from the certain parts on this website. So, you do agree that you will not bring any claim against the information on the Buymodafinildrugs.com website at any cause neither the officers nor on employees in respect to any losses that you suffer in connection to the website.

9. Unenforceable Provisions

If any of the information that has been provided on the website disclaimer is or found to be unenforceable, under any applicable law, we ensure that it will not affect the enforceable of any other provisions of this website disclaimer