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Modafinil research about lung cancer “Fatigue” treatment

Here is video which explains the study about Modafinil which cures lung cancer fatigue.

People with cancer might suffer from fatigue or tiredness. This might be due to the medications, treatment or the medical condition itself. However when a person is too tired it might not be possible for them to do even their regular activities. But Modafinil can be helpful in them and it can help them to treat fatigue in a better way.

This is a result that is derived based on the medical trial.

In this research 15 patients who are suffering from lung cancer are taken. It is not a blindfold research as each and every person clearly knows on what medication they are taken.

For the first seven days, Modafinil with the dosage strength of 100mg was given to the patients and for the next seven days the medication with 200mg dose was prescribed.

During this period the people those who were consuming the tablets found great improvement and they reduced fatigue.

The side effects that they suffered from were minimal and they were able to get the effectiveness more than the negative ones.

Out of fifteen people, ten of them decided to continue the therapy with Modafinil even after the research is over.

Only few researches are carried out on Modafinil with regards to treating fatigue caused in lung cancer patients. These limited amounts of tests are not insufficient to derive to a conclusion.

There is a need to understand on why a person is getting relieved from fatigue when Modafinil is taken. Importantly, the researchers have to analyze whether every person in the group gets benefitted by the medication or not.

Even the list of side effects or negative outbreaks when the drug is consumed is to be noted. The researchers have to understand on which dosage strength of Modafinil is the best in the treatment of fatigue caused by lung cancer.

Only when the answer to all these are derived and many researches are conducted it is possible for them to derive to a conclusion. Only then the derivative would be trustworthy.

So the answer to this question is that you are not supposed to take Modafinil if you feel fatigue due to any medical condition. You are not supposed to take a decision at this point at least without the help of the healthcare professional.

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